With energy prices set to quadruple over the next few months, we’d like to share with you our top 9 must do’s before the heating goes on and you flick the boller switch and whack up the thermostat.  For many people, the energy crisis this winter is going to leave them in dire straits – not being able to afford to keep warm in ones own home is a travesty of this society, but here we give you some pointers on what you can do to keep your energy bills under control.


1. Hunt out and eliminate draughts


A major source of heat loss throughout the home!  A draught coming through a door or window will always keep you feeling cold and chilly.  Check out all the doors and windows, and if you can feel a draught coming in, you can block it off cheaply with a draught excluder.  There’s nothing worse or uninviting than a gale force wind whipping through the kitchen or lounge, so get hunting and exterminating!


2. Get your boiler serviced


You’ll be surprised how many boilers go on the blink in the winter time only because of a minor fault that could have been fixed easily in the summer months.  By getting your boiler serviced annually, you’ll be confident that it’ll be in its best condition to ramp up its output when required. Having your boiler pack up in the winter can be devastating and trying to get a CORGI registered plumber out can be a nightmare, so don’t leave it to chance – get it serviced NOW!


3. Bleed your radiators


Your radiators should be bled regularly to maximise their output.  Letting out the air that develops in radiators will increase their efficiency and reduce your energy consumption.


4.  Install radiator reflector panels


These little beauties fit behind your radiators and in front of the walls they’re attached to.  These metal strips serve as a buffer from the cold walls and reflect the heat back into the room.


5.  Insulate your loft


It’s been said that if every homeowner insulates their loft with the recommended 270mm thickness, it would save 2.7m tonnes of CO2 being leaked into the atmosphere.  To put that into perspective, it’s like taking 100,000 cars off the road.  Yes, it’s HUGE!  Heat rises, and as a result, by not insulating your loft space adequately, you’re effectively chucking money down the drain with ever-increasing energy bills with nothing to show for it!


6. Install thermostatic radiator valves


By managing the temperature in every room, you have control over where’s necessary to heat and where’s not!  Spare bedrooms really don’t need to be at the same temperature as the lounge, for instance.  Keep control of your heating output.  Heat only the spaces that are imperative, and lower the temperature in the rooms you hardly use.


7. Draw your curtains


Stands to reason, but a thick pair of curtains can help retain the ambient room temperature and keep the cold air out.  You could change the curtains to a lighter fabric in the summer, but they won’t cut it from a heat retention perspective in the winter.  You need a good, thick, sturdy pair of curtains to really do the trick!


8.  Buy some rugs


Wooden floors look great – very modern and easily maintained, BUT, they are terrible at retaining heat and will suck  out any ambient heat of any room that has them!  Ceramic tiles in kitchens and bathrooms do the same.  Try covering them with thick rugs to serve and a buffer between the heated air and the floor.


9. Layer it up


One of the best ways to keep warm before you put the central heating on is to layer it up with 2 or three light jumpers worn together.  The air in between each jumper gets trapped and heated by our own body heat.  And the best thing about this tip is that it’s FREE!


So there you have it – our top 9 must dos before the heating goes on.  These tips will stand you in good stead for keeping your energy bills under control this winter.  It’s a difficult and uncertain time for everyone, but we hope that these tips will be useful.  We’re Green Flame Heating and Plumbing Specialists, serving businesses and individuals in and around Gloucestershire.  If you need any advice or a free quote, please see our website www.gflameheating.com or call us on 01452 412 549.

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