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Using Renewable Energy to Heat your Home

There’s been a huge increase in recent years on the drive for using renewable energy sources. One of the ways you can look to do this is by heating your home using renewable energy. Not to mention the increasing prices of gas and electricity, now could be the best...

Renewable Energy

Can a Smart Meter Really Save you Money?

The main way that a smart meter can help save you money, is by making you more aware of your energy consumption. By simply adjusting your behaviour you can use less energy each day and save yourself money. It also means you can adapt your heating schedule to match...

Smart Meter

The Best Ways to Keep your Home Warm in the Winter

Winter always feels like the longest season. The dark mornings, scraping frost off the windscreen of your car and the cold, dull evenings. It’s normal for heating bills to hike up in the winter months. Here are ways to help keep your home warm and comfortable...

Keeping your Home Warm in Winter

What to do if you have no hot water

Nobody wants the shock of an ice-cold shower or to fill the sink up ready for the dishes, only to find it’s freezing! No hot water can be a nightmare. At Green Flame we have put together this helpful guide to teach you how to fix the minor issues that may cause you...

hot water tap with steam

How to fix 5 simple boiler problems

We hardly notice our boilers working hard to keep our homes heated. That is until you step into a cold house or have the shock of an ice-cold shower!   At Green Flame we have put together this helpful guide to teach you the tell-tale signs of common boiler...

How to fix simple boiler problems

Do I Need A Boiler Servicing Plan?

We often don’t notice the boilers in our homes… that is until you step into a freezing cold shower, or you notice your teeth have started chattering. Your boiler is the heart of your home and it’s important that it is kept happy and healthy! Many of us are all too...

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The three most common boiler problems

A temperamental boiler is an inconvenience that we all experience so we have put together a list of the top three problems that occur with boilers! Hot Water but No Heating If you have hot water but no heating, an easy fix is to increase the boiler pressure, this...

Green Flame Boiler Problems Blog

Get 2 Years Interest Free Credit

Getting a new boiler should not put a financial strain on you and your family, that is why, at Green Flame, we are here to help. We care for our customers and their wellbeing, which is why we offer a range of credit options to suit you, including 0% finance options...

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Bathroom Jargon Explained!

I know that sometimes we can baffle people with our use of jargon and technical terms when referring to all things bathroom related. Here are some of the more commonly used words and phrases, together with a brief explanation: • Back-to wall – this is a toilet or...

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