Winter always feels like the longest season. The dark mornings, scraping frost off the windscreen of your car and the cold, dull evenings. It’s normal for heating bills to hike up in the winter months.

Here are ways to help keep your home warm and comfortable without breaking the bank.

  1. Curtains

During the day you should open-up the curtains to allow any sun into your home for ‘free warmth’. However, as soon as the sun sets, close your curtains to insulate the rooms in your home. The thicker the curtains, the better. This keeps the warm air in your home and the cold air, out. It also helps with reducing condensation as the warm air doesn’t hit the cold windowpanes. You can even choose to have curtains over your front door, as this can be another way for heat to escape.


  1. DIY

There are a couple of ways you can keep your home more insulated. The first is to make some easy foil insulation. You can do this by wrapping tin foil around some card and placing behind your radiators. If DIY isn’t your thing, you can buy this ready-made. You can also purchase pipe lagging to help insulate your pipes.


  1. Rearrange

Keep your home warm by moving large heavy furniture away from radiators. While it may be lovely sat on the sofa with the radiator behind you, this isn’t energy efficient. This goes for curtains too. Choose a curtain length that sits above the radiator.


  1. Reduce Draughts

Ensure your windows and doors have sufficient draught excluders. Keep the doors in your home closed to stop cold air circulating and heat escaping. Use indoor draught excluders for internal doors. If you have wooden floors, put down a rug to help reduce the heat leaving through the floorboards.


  1. Home Maintenance

Bleed your radiators. This will help ensure they are running as efficiently as possible. You should do this at least once a year and if you hear any gurgling sounds. You should also get your boiler serviced annually. This ensures you keep your home warm as efficiently and as cost effectively as you can.

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