Since boiler breakdowns are not only expensive but extremely inconvenient, there are certain things we can to do make sure our boilers are receiving the proper maintenance they deserve. If we know what to do to properly maintain our boilers, we can potentially save ourselves hundreds of pounds in the future. Here we outline the steps you need to take to look after your boiler.

Annual servicing

Arranging a servicing of your boiler every year should be the first step taken to ensure your boiler is running as efficiently as it possibly can. Having your boiler serviced is not be underestimated, as many people do underestimate the importance of this and suffer for it down the road.

Taking the appropriate time out of your schedule to have it completely checked over will mean that you’re not as likely to find yourself being shocked by your shower suddenly turning cold!

If there is a problem, an engineer can detect this during a full service and carry out the necessary replacements or repairs.

Cleaning the boiler

You may not be aware that your boiler is collecting dust in your home, but regular cleaning enables you to avoid building up dust on your boiler that could prevent it from surviving into the future. If there is not a professional involved, cleaning your boiler can become potentially dangerous. Boilers are not the most user-friendly devices, and you may risk damaging it if a professional is not involved, so make sure to get in contact with a qualified expert if needs be.

Bleeding the radiators

While not directly focusing on the boilers, by maintaining your radiators you also help maintain your boilers. This is because the inefficiency of your radiators can force your boiler to work much harder than it would have originally had to.

Solving this issue is simple enough, and there will be no need to get a plumber involved. Simply open a valve on the radiator and let out any trapped air inside that is making them not heat up to their full potential.

Advice on this can be found all over the internet, such as here.


Powerflushing also focuses on using your radiators as a way to maintain your boilers. By deep cleaning your central heating system and radiators, a professional can use chemicals to flush out rust, sludge and various other kinds of debris that tend to settle in your radiator and prevent it from working the way it should.

By cleaning excess sludge out of the central heating system, you can keep your boiler operating at its best and successfully stop the build-up of dirt that can damage or corrode the system.

Checking boiler pressure

A key indicator of the performance of your boiler can be the pressure. As time goes on, boiler pressure can be lost, leading to a drop in efficiency.

By checking the pressure gauge every so often, you can ensure this does not happen to you. Should you need to top the pressure up, this is easy enough to accomplish. The steps for doing this effectively can be found here, and if you’re having any trouble, you can revert back to these if necessary.

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