5 Greener Energy Options for Your Home

Here at Green Flame, we’re always interested in greener energy options in an effort to make our homes more sustainable and reduce the amount of greenhouse gas production.  So here, we outline the 5 greener energy options for consideration if you’re thinking of...

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9 Things To Do Before The Heating Goes On

With energy prices set to quadruple over the next few months, we'd like to share with you our top 9 must do's before the heating goes on and you flick the boller switch and whack up the thermostat.  For many people, the energy crisis this winter is going to leave...

9 must do's before the heating goes on

Switching to zero carbon heating by 2025?

Switching to zero carbon heating for our homes is a very hot topic at the moment, and it seems that it's in the news constantly.  The UN's COP 26 summit is nearly underway and the focus is very much on sustainable, zero carbon energy. There has been a lot of...

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Why do I need my Boiler Serviced Annually?

Amongst many other things in life, trying to find the time to book in services may seem like a tricky task – especially when you lead such a busy lifestyle! But there are many reasons why you should prioritise finding the time to have your boiler serviced. An...

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When Should I get my Boiler Replaced?

It can be hard to tell when to get your boiler replaced and whether or not it is on its way out. Perhaps you have noticed some distinct signs or, you know you have had it for a little while? We at Green Flame are experts when it comes to boilers! We know all the...

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Which Boiler is right for my Home?

When getting a new boiler installed in your home it’s a major decision and one that can be confusing with many options available. To make sure you make the right one it’s important to consider not only the size of your home but your current and future heating...


The NEW Greenstar 4000, what you need to know

It’s official the new Greenstar 4000 Combi boiler has launched! Created from the original DNA of the Greenstar i, Worcester Bosch have built a totally transformed model but still with the tried and tested features of the Greenstar i. What does the 4000 range...

Greenstar 4000

Our Guide on Legionella Testing

Legionella Testing, if you are a landlord or business owner responsible for health and safety, may be something you are already familiar with. However, it's surprising how many people aren't aware of Legionella and the potential risks/ health hazards if left...

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Using Renewable Energy to Heat your Home

There’s been a huge increase in recent years on the drive for using renewable energy sources. One of the ways you can look to do this is by heating your home using renewable energy. Not to mention the increasing prices of gas and electricity, now could be the best...

Renewable Energy

Can a Smart Meter Really Save you Money?

The main way that a smart meter can help save you money, is by making you more aware of your energy consumption. By simply adjusting your behaviour you can use less energy each day and save yourself money. It also means you can adapt your heating schedule to match...

Smart Meter