Nobody wants the shock of an ice-cold shower or to fill the sink up ready for the dishes, only to find it’s freezing! No hot water can be a nightmare.

At Green Flame we have put together this helpful guide to teach you how to fix the minor issues that may cause you to have no hot water.

Hopefully this will help you troubleshoot smaller problems before you need to get an expert involved.


Is there a problem with the power?

Check there isn’t a tripped switch that is stopping your boiler from turning on.

Can you see the pilot light?

If you can’t see the pilot light, try relighting this using the instructions listed on the side of your boiler. If you cannot see any instructions try Googling your boilers make. The manufacturers usually provide useful guides online.

However, if this continues to blow out you will likely require an engineer to come and have a look.


Smell gas? Contact the emergency line on 0800 111 999.


Could water pressure be the issue?

For your boiler to work at it’s optimum, the water pressure should be between 1 and 1.5 bar. You can adjust this using the filling loop to get it back up.


Is your thermostat high enough?

Sometimes, if the thermostat isn’t high enough, your boiler may not come on at all. Make sure it’s above 21 ℃. This is simple to adjust manually or it could be that the batteries need replacing.


Does your thermostat show the correct time?


If you’ve suffered a power cut or the batteries have run out and you’ve recently replaced them, this could have altered the time on your thermostat. Make sure this is set correctly so your boiler turns on in-line with your settings.


Check your water tank/ cylinder

Take a look if you have a water tank or cylinder that the settings are correct and change these if required.


Reset the boiler

Locate your reset button and try resetting your boiler according to the manufacturer’s instructions. However, if this button is inside the casing you will need to leave this to a Gas Safe engineer.


Turn it off and on again

Still not getting any hot water? Try switching your boiler off at the mains for 10 seconds and then turn it on again.


Frozen pipes

When it’s particularly cold outside this can result in a frozen condensate pipe. Use warm (not hot) water or a hot water bottle to thaw it.


If you’re still having issues then give one of our engineers a call.

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