It can be hard to tell when to get your boiler replaced and whether or not it is on its way out. Perhaps you have noticed some distinct signs or, you know you have had it for a little while?

We at Green Flame are experts when it comes to boilers! We know all the signs to spot and how to solve all of the problems that come with boilers however, we know that our customers do not necessarily know what to look out for. This often can leave them confused and unsure as to whether or not to call us in.

Boilers play a vital role in any household and can be dangerous if they are not maintained or checked regularly. That is why we have put together this quick guide to help give you a rough idea of what to look out for and when it might be worth replacing your boiler.


It is leaking or emitting a bad smell

A common sign to look out for is if your boiler begins to leak. Leaking is a definite sign of an issue, and it will be worth calling in the experts to take a closer look.

If your boiler is leaking, it does not necessarily mean it needs fully replacing. It may just need some adjusting or a new part fitted. It is important to get the leaking fixed, as it could cause rust and structural damage if it is not.

If your boiler is emitting a sour or obscure smell, you must call out experts quickly. Smells can usually indicate something more sinister such as a gas leak. This issue cannot wait and must be resolved immediately for the safety of those in the property.


It takes a long time to heat up

You may begin to notice that it takes longer for the radiators within your home to heat up. This is a fairly common sign and usually suggests that a component within the boiler needs fixing.

If you own an old boiler, it may be hard to find a replacement part and this could mean that replacing the boiler is a better solution to the problem.


There is an increase in your energy bills

As your boiler gets older, it becomes less efficient. You can usually check the efficiency rating of your boiler, which will help give you a better understanding of how efficient it is.

You may decide that it is time to replace your boiler with a more energy-efficient one, perhaps with a smart boiler which you can control from the comfort of your phone.

With so many more advanced and money-saving solutions, we can see why many people choose to swap the high energy bills for a new and far more cost-effective solution.


It was installed over 15 years ago

As expected, an old boiler can begin to show more issues over time. That is why we encourage regular annual service checks. These will help maintain the boiler over time and reduce the chances of issues arising or getting worse.

It is recommended that a boiler beyond the age of 15 should be replaced however, if you are happy with it and there are no problems – the decision is purely yours to make as to whether you will be replacing it.


What are the next steps…

So, what comes next? Whether you want to opt for a full boiler replacement or you think you want someone to take a closer look and do some fixes – our team at Green Flame can help.

We are always here to talk through any problems you may be having with your boiler. We can also provide you with a variety of solutions that cater to your specific requirements.

To enquire further, please feel free to contact us! You can also view all of our services here.