Amongst many other things in life, trying to find the time to book in services may seem like a tricky task – especially when you lead such a busy lifestyle! But there are many reasons why you should prioritise finding the time to have your boiler serviced.

An annual service for your boiler can not only help it perform better but, can also keep those in the property safe.

We wanted to share with you what we thought were the top reasons why we felt it was important to have your boiler serviced regularly.

So, why do you need your boiler serviced annually?


1.      Having your boiler serviced allows any potential issues to be spotted early on.

Issues with your boiler can go undetected, especially for some time if no one is regularly servicing it. These issues can often lead to long-term damage if left unfixed or worse, can cause dangerous issues such as gas leaks.

By spotting problems early on, you allow yourself to avoid further trouble of unwanted repairs and replacements.


2.      Getting your boiler serviced regularly helps keep your overall energy bill lower.

A broken and damaged boiler cannot be expected to function to its maximum capacity. If there is an issue, it can be spotted when serviced and therefore fixed.

Damaged boilers rarely deliver on performance which means that as a consumer, you will end up consuming far more energy than you need to.


3.      The lifespan of your boiler is increased when you get the boiler serviced regularly.

Believe it or not, by getting your boiler serviced regularly you will allow your boiler to last far longer. This will ultimately help save you the expense of having to replace your boiler early.

A good boiler can stand the test of time but, like many things, you need to put in the effort to care for such things in order for them to keep performing.


4.      It will help keep all those on the property safe as any safety issues can be spotted when you get the boiler serviced.

Boilers require regular checks in order to ensure they both function right and are still safe. An unsafe boiler could be one that doesn’t work or has a gas leak.

Neither issue should be treated lightly. A broken boiler over Winter can be harmful to those within the property who may struggle to stay warm, especially those who are young. A gas leak can not only kill those on the property but also risks an explosion.

If there is a gas leak, you must leave the property immediately. Find more information here.


Getting your boiler serviced regularly will ultimately help keep it functioning at full capacity and will allow you to feel safe in your home.

With the Winter weather slowly creeping upon us, you must get your boiler serviced and ready for this time of year. After all, there is nothing worse than a cold house with no heating!

We at Green Flame, offer a specialist service where our expert team can come visit your property at a time that suits you! We can then fully service your boiler and give you any advice should it require repairing or replacing.

We can also discuss with you about better energy-saving options that may be of use to you.

We are always happy to help, so why not give us a call today and get booked in for your annual service?